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CS-Cart “Extended accordion menu” add-on is a great tool to add individuality and style to you store. It is very flexible, so its appearance can be customized easily. In addition to a great appearance from the design point of view, the sliding content saves some store space. Moreover, this add-on allows to display how many items in each category opposite to its name. Your customers will like it!


  • Appearance of the Accordion menu can be customized according to design of the store;
  • Allows to save some store space;
  • Allows to display items quantity in each category;
  • Ability to turn on and off items quantity of categories and subcategories.
  • newAbility to choose menu color and even set gradient.


This add-on works correctly in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera latest browser versions.

The add-on is compatible with CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 3.0.x. - 4.7.4 versions.


One license of the add-on is valid for only one CS-Cart installation. In order to use the add-on on another CS-Cart installation, it is necessary to buy one more license.

  1. Download the installation package from the order page.
  2. Extract it to the temporary folder.
  3. Use the “installation instruction.txt” file for the following instruction.

Add-on’s settings

  1. After the add-on installation go to the administration panel -> choose Add-ons -> Manage add-ons.
  2. Click gear that opposite to the add-on name and choose “settings”.
  3. On the appeared window you can choose if it is necessary to display categories product count and subcategories product count or not.
  4. On the “Categories style” and “Subcategories style” tabs you can change the accordion menu style according to design of your store.
  5. Click “Save” button.

How to create an accordion menu block

  1. Go to Design -> Layouts (for CS-Cart v.4.0.x) or Blocks (for CS-Cart v.3.0.x) -> choose the location -> add block to the necessary grid.
  2. On the appeared window choose “Create new block” tab and “Categories” block in it.
  3. On the “General” tab type the block name and choose “Accordion menu” template from the selectbox.
  4. On the “Content” tab choose the necessary “Filling”
    • “Dynamic tree” to display neighbor categories of the chosen one with their subcategories in hierarchical order;
    • “Full tree” to display main categories of the store and their subcategories in hierarchical order.
  5. Click “Create” button.

Yes, you can use this add-on without the installed 'Accordion menu' one.

Sincerely yours,

This "AcordionExtended menu" it's working without Accordion Menu Addon installed?
Super Add-on, super after buying service. You can check how does it work here: www.mishmag.net. Thank you.
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